FLORA...and some fauna


June 10 – July 29, 2016, with an opening reception June 10 from 6 - 9pm. There will be several programming events during the exhibition (dates to be announced).


From cave paintings and illuminated manuscripts to Art Nouveau objects and still lifes, flora and fauna have been a continuous theme in our visual culture. It is only logical that plants and animals play such a large role in the decorative arts. Humans have a strong connection to other living organisms, we rely on one another for emotional and physical nourishment. Sometimes that relationship is comforting, other times threatening. This connection may be what leads us to adorn our surroundings and ourselves with flora and fauna.


Baltimeore Jewelry center

10E, North Ave




Solo exhibition at Platina, Stockholm










Lisa Björke studied jewellery at the HDK in Gothenburg and has since 2010 a Master's degree from Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design. In her works, that she does not always terms like jewellery, she explores the relationship to the human body and how the objects relate to the room.

By combining copper, brass, leather and different kinds of wood with more unconventional materials, she creates objects that in different ways are linked to the body and celebrates the craftsmanship and worker as a phenomenon.

Lisa Björke works and lives in Stockholm. She has participated in both Swedish and international exhibitions and has received several grants.




DUO- Catarina Hällzon & Lisa Björke



Welcome to a labyrinth of lines and shadows hidden in surfaces and structures. The thin flickering shadowline faces a strong shape, almost captured in its movement. The light lines in contrast with weight of the materials.

In this duet you will meet two artists that tackles their work in similar ways. Different expressions created by resembling actions. This exhibition grows as the different processes progress. With sure instincts and a respect for how the materials moves in the hand new shapes are created.

In an investigation of structures, lines and sutfaces materials and movement are essential and always present




14. DUO Vernissage lördag 12/3 kl. 12-16 Även öppet söndag 13/3 kl.12-16 samt lördag 19/3 kl. 12-16 Finnisage söndag 20/3 kl 12-15

Ludvigbergsgatan 5 PS2 T-bana Mariatorget (uppgång polishuset)











Solo exhibition at Kaleido Konsthantverk, Uppsala



16/1 - 7/2

Lisa björke, smyckekonst


Lisa Björke, smyckekonst

”I omformandet av en arbetsprocess som gått i stå har jag försökt utmana det som är känt för mig, letat nya vägar, hittat nya uttryck. Jag vill på mitt eget vis hylla hantverket och arbetaren som fenomen. Jag gör detta genom att jobba med element som känns som hemma, som andas tradition och hantverkskunnande, en balansgång mellan slöjd, konst och konsthantverk” säger Lisa Björke. ”En gillestuga med konst i hyllorna, ett arbetsrum med verktyg på väggen där färgen spruckit.”

I sin utställning, hos Kaleido kombinerar hon element i koppar med läder och svarvade trädelar och bygger upp objekt relaterade till den mänskliga kroppen.


Smyckekonstnären Lisa Björke tog sin kandidatexamen på HDK i Göteborg 2008 och masterexamen på Konstfack 2010. Hon bor i Stockholm och har ställt ut på ett flertal ställen både i Sverige och utomlands. Under 2014-15 har hon haft ett projektår på Konstfacks Research Lab.

Se även www.kaleido.nu

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